What to Expect After Your First Month of MMA Classes


Launching into mixed martial arts (MMA) classes can sometimes feel intimidating, especially if this is your first time doing any type of martial arts training. But be assured that you've made a great pick. MMA classes blend cross-functional training techniques that build strength, stamina, endurance and discipline.

Best of all, it doesn't take long before you'll begin to see results. Give yourself a month of MMA classes, and this is what you can expect:

Deeper knowledge of technique

In some MMA classes, it takes at least a few weeks to get the basic techniques down, but once you do, it feels like you're soaring to the next level. After a month, you'll have enough muscle memory built from repetition to do certain motions without even thinking about it.

That's what gives MMA fighters the ability to be so fast and versatile — their bodies know what to do before the mind has to issue instructions. That will make month two (and beyond) more exciting, since you'll be building on those basics.

Better sleep, and all that comes with it

In study after study, moderate to vigorous activity like the kind in MMA classes has been shown to help people sleep considerably better, even if they've been suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders for years.

When you sleep better, everything can change. Research has shown that deeper sleep has a ripple effect across every aspect of your life — you'll likely get sick less often (if at all), your nutritional choices will be better, and you'll have more consistent energy throughout the day. That means you can skip the afternoon coffee and duck out early to prep for your MMA class instead.

More focus for body and mind

Once you start going to classes like MMA or Close Quarters Combat, you'll begin to learn how to use your whole body in a disciplined way, and that boosts your endurance and efficiency in significant ways. This type of full-body workout benefits all major muscle groups, increases cardiovascular health, and builds strength — all within only a few weeks of classes.

Even your mind will be involved. MMA athletes must draw on both mental and physical toughness in their bouts, and training always emphasizes respect for both the athlete and the competitor. Building that type of focus and concentration naturally resonates in other parts of life. With more mental strength, you'll be more resilient when challenges arise every day, from dealing with your boss to handling your kids.

Fired-up core

Take a look at any MMA fighter, and you'll probably notice those ab muscles. They don't get those from endless crunches — they build those from MMA training techniques that emphasize abdominal strength as a way to stay balanced, take a hit, and create explosive power.

In MMA classes, the focus on core strength is the same, and even if you do classes for a month, it's likely that you'll see and feel some tightening in that area. When that happens, it causes other positive effects like better posture and more coordination.

With all the advantages that come from a month of MMA classes, it's no wonder that they're so popular. Come and spend some time building these benefits yourself, with a UFC Gym Free Pass.

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