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The sun is shining, there is a soft breeze in the air, and you can hear the birds singing. What we are describing is the perfect day to take your workout outdoors. While we would love to see your pretty faces at UFC GYM every day, we also understand that there is nothing more refreshing than an outdoor workout on a perfect Summer day. We’ve put together an easy to follow, but effective outdoor workout that you can do anywhere. This workout is designed to burn fat & get your whole body moving.


5 jumping jacks 

5 push-ups

5 squats


The Workout:

This workout is simple- 5 exercises, 5 rounds. Perform all exercises consecutively with minimal to no rest & repeat 5 times!

20 Ice skater to curtsy lunge- Start with your feet together. Jump out horizontally on to your right leg, cross your left leg behind you to a curtsy lunge. Repeat on the left. Perform 10 times on each leg, alternating sides.

20 Spidermans- Start in a plank position. Bring your right knee out to your right elbow. Repeat on the left. Perform 10 times on each leg, alternating sides.

20 Squat jump with pulse- Start in a squat position, jump up as high as you can, land back in your squat position, perform a small pulse and repeat.

20 Plank jack shoulder taps- Start in a plank position with your feet together. Jump your feet out and in quickly, keeping your hips stable. Bring your right hand to your left shoulder and place back on the floor. Bring your left hand to your right shoulder and place back on the floor. Repeat this entire sequence 20 times.

20 Glute Kickbacks- Start in a plank position with knees down, directly under your hips. Extend your right leg straight behind you & return to starting position. Repeat 20 times before moving to the left side. 


We told you this workout is simple! But remember, simple doesn’t mean easy. So next time you wake up to the sun shining between your window panes, put on your athletic shoes, and start your day with UFC GYM’s outdoor workout.

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