More Than Just Babysitting: 4 Reasons For Kids' Fitness Classes

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There are numerous gyms and fitness centers that have daycare facilities and babysitting services so that parents can bring their kids to the gym and get an uninterrupted workout.

Although those options are useful, why shouldn’t kids get a great workout of their own? Numerous studies have pointed to the benefits of physical education for kids, which can do everything from boost their interest in healthier foods to smooth out their energy levels during the day. There’s even research linking exercise with better academic performance and fewer behavioral challenges.

One top option is fitness classes geared specifically for kids. Rather than having children and teens run around in an “open gym” type of environment, classes offer these four benefits:  

1. Gets Them in the Exercise Habit

Take a moment to consider your own workout style. When you go to the gym regularly, and feel like you’re on the right track, it can be incredibly energizing and empowering. It’s the same for kids, especially because it makes them feel in control of their health choices.

By letting your kids choose their fitness classes, they feel more invested in their health, and they get to see the outcome of that decision. They realize that habits are not reserved only for bad choices but can also be put in place to make their lives better.

2. Emphasizes Teamwork

No matter what career you pursue or field of study you embrace, there’s a high chance that collaboration will be part of your everyday life. Being able to feel part of a team will resonate for years, and even decades, after classes might end. For example, a recent study showed that 94 percent of female executives surveyed had played sports on a team at some period in their life.

Youth classes are led by instructors who inspire kids to work together and motivate each other. They’re certified in youth-specific techniques that are vital for creating a safe, effective workout that's about much more than building strength and agility.

3. Retools Family Time

Even if you’re working out while your kids are learning Youth Mixed Martial Arts or doing Youth D.U.T., you're sending your kids a message that the gym isn't a parents-only place that they have to dread because they get parked in the babysitting zone.

You get to share your passion for fitness with your kids, and that might translate into doing more physical activity together. Maybe instead of asking to play video games all day, your kids will want to find an obstacle course that the whole family can do together. Or they might ask you to help practice some martial-arts moves that they can use in class next time.

4. Provides Tons of Skill-Building

Every kid needs that free-range time to run around in open spaces. But there’s also a huge benefit to getting training in a specific style of exercise like martial arts, wrestling, boxing, or yoga.

When that happens, they can focus on building skills and progressing in those disciplines, which tend to build inner strength as well as flexibility and resilience. Classes offer kids the ability to build respect for themselves, their classmates, their teachers, and their families. They can focus on skill-building that will carry them forward for years, maybe even a whole lifetime.

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