Boxing Basics: What to Know for Your First Training Session

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Congratulations, fighter! You signed up for your first of many boxing training sessions, and you’re pumped! If the Rocky theme is playing in your head just a little too much, then you’ve done the right thing. You’re on the right track to a stronger, better you, and it all starts here. Before you start showing the punching bag who’s the boss, here are a few tips to get you started heading into your epic debut.

Show Up Early

It sounds obvious, but definitely arrive at your first boxing class early. It’s not for courtesy—it’s because you’re going to be using new gear for the first time in your life. Boxing requires wrapping your hands or wearing the right size gloves. You will, of course, find comfort after wearing the gear on a regular rotation, but be a smart rookie and get to class 15 to 20 minutes before start time to properly take care of your hands.

Expect Less Bulk

If you’re thinking boxing will pack on the muscle, well, you’re about half-right. Yes, boxing will make you fit, but it will absolutely give you lean muscle more than anything else. Due to the constant movement, and the nimbleness that the sport demands, you’re going to slender down a bit, but at the same still reach a new level of power.

More Than Just Punching

To think boxing is nothing more than just punching something would be a gross understatement. The physical toll that your body will go through is more than just your arms and hands—it’s your entire body. Your feet and legs will constantly move. Your shoulders and back strength will be tested, as they are used for striking. And finally your mental toughness will be tested. You will want to quit or take a break more quickly than you expected, but it’s all part of the unique challenge that boxing provides.

Get a Friend/Bring a Friend

Many people prefer to do their gym time alone, but when it comes to boxing, you’re likely to enjoy it just a bit more with a friend. Being a member of a pair will encourage each of you and make you want to come back and go harder and perform better than you did during the last class. Plus, having a buddy will lead to a slew of Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed references and inside jokes and that alone is worth the fun.

Hitting Stuff Hurts

It may sound obvious, but punching a bag, even with the right protection, will hurt. The possibility for injury is present, and muscle soreness is inevitable. Keep this in mind while having fun!

Boxing is an incredible workout with so many benefits and you’re going to love it. Go get’em, champ! Get started by getting a UFC GYM free pass today.

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