4 Surprising Things About a UFC GYM Membership

LaMirada-BAG-Room2_2.jpgFitness centers are diverse in their offerings. Some offer a vast array of weights; some have a variety of fitness classes; and still others are specialty gyms like martial arts schools. And while you might think UFC GYM is around to train the UFC Fighters of tomorrow, there is a different reality - you might be surprised to hear that UFC GYM...

1. Is Not Just an Octagon

The name UFC is synonymous with MMA fighters battling it out inside the 8 sides of a steel-caged octagon. At UFC GYM you can get your own workout within the octagon and much more. UFC GYM is a full gym experience that includes everything you need for a total body workout, including weight training, functional fitness, cardiovascular stations, group fitness classes and more. UFC GYM has something for every gym goer, making it a real sense of community that brings together a diverse group of people. This community isn’t made up of people who want to punch you in the face - they’re fitness enthusiasts who are ready to cheer you on.  

2. Will Help You Get a Really Great Workout

Having variety in your workouts keeps your muscles from reaching a plateau. Consistently shocking the muscle, and taxing the cardiovascular system in different ways, keeps your fitness from going stagnate. That’s why it is important to choose a fitness center where you have many options. At UFC GYM the equipment is state-of-the-art. A full set of free weights and strength training machines allows for a muscle building or toning program that can hit every muscle group in a variety of ways.

To supplement any strength training program, cardiovascular fitness is important not only for calorie cutting, but also to build endurance. In addition to traditional means such as treadmills and recumbent bikes to get your cardio in ,you’ll also find heavy bags to do boxing or kickboxing work. This type of total-body training can not only cut calories, but also increases endurance and tones the body by hitting major and minor muscles groups. It is also a great, fun way to relieve stress!

3. Gives You The Opportunity to Try Group Fitness Classes

If you’d rather train to the beat of heart pumping music while an instructor puts you through the paces, fitness group fitness classes are the right fit for you. Consider:

  • Functional Fitness – Functional Fitness classes are aimed at building your best foundation by incorporating everyday movements. These classes are designed to increase agility, range of motion, core strength, and flexibility.
  • Zumba – More people stick with Zumba classes more than any other because you get a great workout and the fun is infectious. Zumba combines Latin and international music with dance moves, alternating fast and slow rhythms, to deliver a heart pumping workout
  • Daily Ultimate Training (D.U.T) - When you show up for D.U.T classes, you can expect to work out for 60 minutes with a challenging and never boring sample of everything UFC GYM has to offer: cardio, functional training, MMA moves and strength training exercises. You’ll get a serious workout in a fun, community setting with everyone rooting you on.
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) – UFC GYM offers a unique training experience with its MMA classes. Here is where you step inside the Octagon, the ring, or use the heavy bags and floor mats to focus on endurance training, total-body conditioning, and proper striking techniques.

These are just a sampling of the full menu of classes that may be available at your local club.

4. Has a Full Team of Certified Personal Trainers

Even the most seasoned pros can benefit from a personal trainer. The motivation and encouragement from a trainer can mean the difference from a solid workout and a subpar one. Trainers are there to tailor programs to your specific needs, keep you on track, keep you accountable for your workouts, and pushing you to do your very best so you get optimal performance output.  

You can request a free pass today to try out all the amenities UFC GYM has to offer and find out why change truly does happen here.

What’s your favorite way to train? Let us know in the comments below!



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